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Career paths with a Criminology/Criminal Justice degree?

Asked Richmond, Virginia

What are some possible careers a person could get with a degree in criminology or criminal justice? #law #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #criminology #justice

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Jordan’s Answer

Updated Aurora, Illinois

You've got quite a slew of options in front of you. While you can leverage that degree directly into a traditional or non-traditional spot in law enforcement (in addition to sworn employees, some of the larger organizations and departments regularly use analysts to help address mission goals), you can also double down on education and aim for further specialization before "taking the plunge" in the workforce. That might earn you a researcher role at a think tank or school, and could lead to post-graduate education or experience. Or, depending on what else you can do, you might find rewarding work in the private sector, as some sort of consultant.

Ultimately, my advice would be to find a specific area you're interested in: enforcement, criminal psychology, forensics, criminal justice policy, etc. When you do have a more specified interest in mind, reach out to professionals in the industry. And don't forget, sometimes opportunities come from unexpected places. Case in point: for many years now, the retail company Target has offered multi-discipline forensic services for clients and law enforcement, via an accredited laboratory.

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