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Can somone recommend some universities offering computer engineering in any country that is affordable?

Asked Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I am close to graduate high school and am searching for an affordable university that offers bachelor's of computer engineering. #computer-software #computer-engineering #scholarships #software-engineering #study-abroad #university-applications #student-development

2 answers

Kortnee’s Answer

Updated Pomona, California

Hello, Victoria!

The California State University System offers affordable Computer Engineering degrees.

Currently, the CSU system offers 23 campus in the state of California.

California State University, Fullerton offers one of the best affordable Computer Engineering degrees.

I wish you the best of luck with your educational and professional endeavors!

Kortnee recommends the following next steps:

  • Learn more about the Computer Engineering Program in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton by visiting the link below. http://www.fullerton.edu/ecs/cpe/
  • Explore all 23 CSU campuses to discover the right CSU for you by visiting the link below. https://www2.calstate.edu/attend/campuses
  • Ensure you speak with an Admissions Counselor at your CSU of interest.

Victoria’s Answer

Updated Woodbridge Township, New Jersey

There are many great Canadian universities that offer high quality degrees at a more affordable price than their US counterparts. University of Waterloo is one such university.

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