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What to write on my personal statement, for marketing?

I am writing my personal statement, therefore I would like some tips on how to properly write it.
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3 answers

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Sunil’s Answer

I agree with Frank's response - be authentic. More importantly, ask yourself some basic questions about Marketing and yourself. I'll offer a few suggestions to help you get started:
1. why you want to go into Marketing?
2. what made you aware of Marketing in the first place?
3. what made you interested in Marketing?

There is also an (in my opinion) unfortunate tendency to make personal statements read more like short stories or film scripts in the US at least. I think there is going to be some difference (perhaps significant) in the way UCAS personal statements are written. The UCAS personal statements want to see things like
1. why are you suitable for the particular university/ program of study
2. what relevant experience and expertise do you have
3. which clubs or societies did you join (and which hopefully demonstrate your commitment to the field of study you intend to pursue)
4. ...
Here's a helpful link.

Sunil recommends the following next steps:
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Alex’s Answer

As the other posters have said, it's important to make sure you're telling your authentic story. Some thought starters could be:
What makes you want to study marketing, do you have any experiences that led to you making this decision e.g. if your school did any enterprise challenges did you enjoy the marketing role?
If you study Business Studies at A-Level or GCSE, which aspects of that have made you want to pursue marketing?
Take a look at some of the prospectuses for the courses you might be interested in. Are there any focus areas you could pull out that appear frequently across the different unis you're interested in e.g. you're interested in the psychological aspect of customer behaviour, you love expressing creativity, you want to learn more about xyz.
Good luck!
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Frank’s Answer

You will find a lot of very good tips by using "Google Search" for this question so would direct you there for more examples and helpful ideas. I would say, however, that you need to be authentic and 'tell a story' about your own personal journey rather than trying to be someone you believe they are interested in. You are a unique individual and your own story is what will make you more appealing than someone else.