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Sophia Dec 15, 2022 220 views

How should I go about starting and growing a career in politics?

I am a high-school senior who is looking to get my start in the business of politics. I am planning to go to college for political science and would like to become a political speech writer. Possibly even becoming a politician myself some day. How should I start paving my path?

Izabela’s Avatar
Izabela Nov 22, 2022 158 views

As someone interested in psychology, and possibly going into a career as a therapist or counselor, is it challenging to take on so many other people's issues? Does that affect the non-working part of your life mentally or emotionally?

Currently a junior in high school
Very interested in studying psychology at University

Ty'Onna’s Avatar
Ty'Onna Sep 16, 2022 302 views

Journalism, Author journalism,author?

What steps do I need to take for being a author?

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Apr 15, 2022 389 views

Should I choose the college that's better overall or better for my major?

I sometimes wonder if my major will be better in a college that's deemed worse compared to other colleges and so should I go with the college that is considered better, or the college that is better for my major.

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Mar 15, 2018 593 views

What do I need to become a psychologist or mental health professional?

I want to know what kind of degree is needed to become a psychologist. I have searched the internet for answers to this quite a few times, and the answers range anywhere from a 4 - year Bachelor's degree to a M.A. or even a PhD. I would also like to know what kind of degree is generally...

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Mar 11, 2022 216 views

How do you come up with a good plot for your story?

say I was in the middle of writing a story, and I already had all of my characters and setting . How then would I come up with a plot line in which to use said characters?

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Feb 09, 2022 240 views

What college shound I go to if I want to become a writer in the future?

I'm in 10th grade at Spectrum High School and I've been interested in writing for a while. I've written so many stories throughout the years and it makes me happy just putting my thoughts and feelings into a story for people to read and enjoy. #Writing

zackary’s Avatar
zackary Feb 11, 2022 161 views

what is your daily career life like in anthropology?

I've been looking a bit into anthropology and it seemed to peak my interest. I just want to know what is your life like in your career? what challenges do you face in your work? what kind of area do you work in? is it a career you enjoy? how did you get to the point where you are at now? what...

Yasmine’s Avatar
Yasmine Nov 16, 2021 610 views

What to write on my personal statement, for marketing?

I am writing my personal statement, therefore I would like some tips on how to properly write it.
#marketing #business #university #personalstatement #write #college #writing

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Oct 28, 2020 342 views

What are the advantages and opportunities for advancement for Archaeology?

I am in 9th grade and the classes that I'm interested most in is Science and History. Something I'm really interested and looking to find a career in is Archaeology.
#Archaeology #Science #History

Denishia’s Avatar
Denishia Jun 15, 2021 378 views

What can I do to pursue a career as both a journalist and veterinarian?

I love animals and have always been interested in pursuing a career that involved caring for them since I was young, but as I began getting older I found interest in writing which made me want to be come a journalist. Now I'm stuck in trying to pursue both careers as I am currently going to...

Sean’s Avatar
Sean Mar 17, 2021 297 views

How do I write a story that has more of an impact on people?

I've been writing a little bit every now and then, and I want to know if there's anyway to convey more emotion through the story. #writing

Harpreet’s Avatar
Harpreet Aug 09, 2020 336 views

How is being an anthropologist like?

I've always been interested in anthropology and history as a child. I am curious to hear personal experiences. Has this career provided opportunities to travel? Do you work with an organization or museum? #career #anthropology #travel

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Aug 03, 2020 990 views

What extracurricular activities are more appealing and noticeable to faculty at Columbia University?

Hi I’m currently a rising senior in high school and I’ve been considering which colleges I would like to go to. At the top of my list is Columbia University but it’s very difficult to get into. Are there any particular extracurricular activities that stand out more on the college applications?...

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jul 14, 2020 563 views

Is there a career path that I can pursue that combines multiple interests?

I am currently in college trying to decide what degree/degrees to pursue. I have many interests that make it hard to choose one career path. I am interested in writing, journalism, history, and the medical field. Is there a career that combines my multiple interests? # #career #journalism...