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Is it better to intern with a professor in a research lab or at a research company?

Asked San Mateo, California

I'm a high schooler who would like to find an internship in the field of biomedical research, but I don't know if I should be inquiring professors or companies in that field. #biology #internships #research #biomedical-engineering #internship #biomedical #biotechnology

4 answers

Ollie’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

San Mateo, CA?

You have tremendous biological and medical academic resources in your part of the world. Do your best to find an academic lab for your internship. In science, it's easier to move from a university or hospital research lab than it is to move the other way.

Thank you so much for your answer! I will be sure to follow your advice as I pursue my internship path in the future.

Ray’s Answer

Updated California, California

It depends. If the student is academic research inclined, he/she should go to a Lab at the university; otherwise, go with the company.

Thank you for your answer!

Oluwaseun Rita’s Answer

Updated North Chicago, Illinois

Both are beneficial. Depending on if you work in industry or academics, can help you decide what route to take.

Thank you!

Angela’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Either would provide good experience.

Thank you for your answer! I was thinking along the same lines.