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What college would be best to design video games?

Asked Justin, Texas

I've always wanted to design video games and I want a college that supports me and lets me have fun. We all need a college like that. I get bored in school easily. I need a college that gets me energetic. #technology #tech #video-game-design #youtube #video-game-development

2 answers

Cody’s Answer

Updated San Rafael, California

I don't know any specific schools that I can recommend, but be sure to ask yourself what area of video games you want to work on, as this might drastically effect your decision.

If you want to be an indie developer, you'll need to learn a little bit of everything, and a lot of programming.

More likely you'll want to work for a studio, which means you'll want to pursue a specialized degree or education in one of the following. Computer Science - Programming, its necessary in video games, but I'm not sure how much of this is done anymore, as opposed to working with something like a game engine. Even working with a game engine, programming skills will be necessary at some level. 3D Designer - All (3d) games use 3D models, and so there is high demand for 3D artists. Game Designers - This involves coming up with the games themselves. You might be designing a level. You might be determining what weapons or powers characters have. I'm not sure how easy it is to get hired directly as a designer straight out of school; I get the feeling that you would probably get a job with a studio and move over that way. (Doesn't everyone want to be the designer? lol) Sound Design - All those games require music and sound effects. Manager - People managers are needed for everything, and the game industry is no different.

So what school to choose... A lot of for-profits have video game programs, but I would be extremely cautious with those. They are usually expensive, and some claim better results than they can deliver. Some universities offer video game classes as part of a Computer Science curriculum. If you like programming I'd recommend this route because a computer science degree can apply to so many things.

However, I think the best answer is community college, something I wish I had considered more seriously. Especially considering that you want a flexible, fun experience. You avoid a lot of cost, and have the freedom to try many different classes (something you might not get to do at a serious university). Also I know that the CC near my university had a lot of the same professors and curriculum for the intro CS classes, so you really get the same classes for a lot less. I'd recommend taking classes in each of the areas above, and see what you enjoy the most.

Best Wishes Cody

Cuong’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

I looked into game designer for a certain period of time, the best schools to learn various techniques and styles of game design would be either Full Sail University or The Art Institute. These two are the best kind of school due because the professors you learned from there have worked in these game industry. The bottom line is, if you strive to be a game designer, you have to look for techniques and role models for you to follow.

Being a game designer doesn't mean you always have to code. There are different levels of being a game designer.

You can create characters as a 2D/3D designer, be a Level Designer.

Or you can write the code and functions on the characters.