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What type of things are the on GMAT test?

Give some examples?

What are the best ways to study the topics?

Break down the test into segments and explain each using own experiences. #business #management #graduate-school #testing #mba #executive-office #gmat

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3 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

There are 41 reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions (Verbal) and 37 data sufficiency problem solving questions (quant). Personally for me I needed to practice the quantitative section much more before taking it because many of the math concepts I hadn't used since high school and needed a refresher.

I found the best way to practice was to take as many practice tests as possible and to brush up on the math formulas since it had been too long. The actual test is taken on a computer and timed, so it's good to practice with time restrictions beforehand so you're used to it when actually taking it.

Good luck!

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Manish’s Answer

The current GMAT format has 4 sections:
1) Integrated reasoning (12Qs)
2) Analytical Writing (1 essay)
3) Quant (37Qs)
4) Verbal (41Qs)

The scoring out of 800 is based on Quant and Verbal, while you get independent scores for Writing and IR.

Quant: Practice as many problems under each section for complete syllabus. With more practice you will start to see a pattern among problem types and solution approaches. This practice will help you to move quickly without wasting too much time on a tougher problem.

Verbal: There are 3 sub-sections:
a) Reading Comprehension: Practice both short and long passages. Formulate your attack strategies for each type and for each kind of problem type - inference based etc.
b) Sentence Correction: Grammar and Meaning are two pillars you should rely on to correct sentences.
c) Critical Reasoning: Process of elimination is the best foot forward for most question type under this sub section.

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Seth’s Answer

The GMAT is a business school entrance exam that lasts nearly 3 1/2 hours, and includes the following four components:

- An analytical writing assessment, which measures critical thinking and communication skills.
- An integrated reasoning section, which shows how well students can analyze data and interpret information displayed in varied formats.
- A quantitative reasoning section, which determines whether students have strong mathematical abilities and numerical literacy.
- A verbal reasoning section, which evaluates reading comprehension skills, editing abilities and whether someone can make sense of written arguments.

It is also important to note that many business schools accept GRE scores and do not require the GMAT, which is the route that I took when I was applying for business school.