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Is graduate school recommended?

Asked Granada, Andalusia, Spain

Is graduate school recommended? An MBA? Some other graduate degree or certifications? #college #business #finance #graduate-school #mba

7 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Columbus, Ohio

Whether or not you need to go to graduate school completely depends on what type of field you'd like to go into, but for some it's required like:

- lawyer

-medical doctor/dentist

-research doctorate

-physical therapist

- physicians assistant

Some fields very strongly recommend a graduate degree and it can be difficult to reach one's full potential in the industry without it:

- Teaching

- Psychology

- Business management (MBA highly recommended)

In many other fields it's nice to have a graduate degree and many specific positions highly encourage it, but it's certainly not mandatory to get a job. Many people work for awhile in an industry to get some experience and then get a masters degree or doctorate in that field, or perhaps in a totally different field if they want to start something new. It will likely never hurt you to have a graduate degree, but it can be a very timely and expensive investment, so make sure it's worth it for the career path you want to take before investing in one.

Lynette’s Answer

Updated Arlington, Virginia

It depends on what type of job you are looking for. In the Marketing field, where I work, an MBA is nice to have, but these days, we are looking more for people with skills and experience in marketing automation, analytics, social media, SEO, lead generation, content development, etc.

An MBA is a big investment in time and money, and you may not get a positive return on your investment, if you are starting out in the Marketing field. Plus, it is the type of program you can always begin, later, if you decide it will help advance your career. There are lots of MBA programs geared towards working professionals, and the company you are working for may even offer tuition assistance for an MBA program. Mine does!

Lynette recommends the following next steps:

  • Check out current job openings on LinkedIn, Monster.com, Glassdoor, etc., to see what the education requirements are for jobs that you may be interested in. That should help guide your educational decision-making. Good luck!
I agree with Lynette on this one. All depends on your career path. For example, I have a BFA in graphic design and I took a few classes to learn how to code. After college I was able to work as a front end web developer and website designer. To accomplish that, I really focused my efforts on building a great portfolio. But that's all I needed to do to break into my field. However, take the time to weigh out what's necessary for you and how you can go about it.

Marie-France’s Answer


I strongly recommend graduate studies. Nowadays, individuals can complete graduate degrees via online education. I completed an on-campus MSIS and online MBA. Each graduate study provided me with different set of skills, but equally beneficial for my career as an IT Project Manager and Business Analyst. Good luck.

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

An MBA IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, find a school with a 5 year BS/MBA program or work two years and go back for your MBA, which is what I did.

Arthur’s Answer

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey
As a general rule more education is typically always a good idea. While graduate school is very much dependent on the type of field you are interested in more and more companies are looking for people with specialized skills. As someone in the field of Marketing right now Digital Marketing experience or certifications are very much in demand. Based on your career choice I would recommend probably starting with a graduate degree and then perhaps look toward certifications to round out your resume and educational background. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!

Elida’s Answer


I'm a journalist. I went to graduate school, mainly because I wanted a master's degree so I could teach later in my career.

I don't regret the decision for a minute.

Did I need a graduate degree for my primary work? No. But in my case, I felt like it really served as a kind of "finishing school" to my undergraduate studies. It allowed me to delve deeper into topics I was interested in, without the distraction of having to fulfill unrelated requirements.

Graduate school also exposed me to courses like statistics and polling, and taught me critical thinking and writing skills that I believe have helped my through my 37-year career.

I also think graduate school sends a signal to future employers that you're serious about your chosen field, your work, your training, your career.

Todd’s Answer


Agreed with the other answers in that it depends on the field you choose. However, even in fields without the required graduate degrees (doctor, lawyer, etc.) it seems that an undergrad degree is the minimum, but the graduate degree is what you need to set yourself apart from the others. But you have to have a plan first, not just what field do you want to work in, but what part of that field where do you want to be. Make sure you talk to others in that field first to get information. Maybe even before you choose that field, talk to others in various fields to form a good basis for your decision. Good luck.