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Elida Witthoeft

Coordinating Editor at ESPN
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
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Hollie Aug 18, 2016 1593 views

What are some good ways to approach professional people that I don't know on LinkedIn?

I heard a lot about how important it is to get connected with people if one wants to find a job or know more about a specific industry beforehand. What are some ways to approach strangers on LinkedIn that will result in more positive feedback and help me succeed in social networking and job...

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Jan 14, 2017 1800 views

Is graduate school recommended?

Is graduate school recommended? An MBA? Some other graduate degree or certifications? #college #business #finance #graduate-school #mba

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Nov 09, 2016 1876 views

What was your undergraduate major, and why did you choose it?

I ask this question because not everyone gets a job in their field of study. This question is for those who do not know what they want to study, and are looking for someone who was in a similar situation. A lot of people don't know what to study when they get to college, so did your major play...

Jhovani’s Avatar
Jhovani Jan 25, 2018 908 views

What's your biggest challenge in college?

I want to know how hard college is and someone's point of view of it.
#COLLEGELIFE #college #personal-development

Oreoluwa’s Avatar
Oreoluwa May 25, 2018 923 views

How did you know that the career you chose was absolutely what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

I am about to be a senior in high school and I know that, right now, I want to be a neurologist, but I am worried that once I start studying to become one, I will realize I do not like it, but by then it will be too late to change my mind. I just want to know how you discovered what career you...

Janee’s Avatar
Janee Aug 30, 2017 1075 views

How do you stay passionate about journalism at challenging times?

I want to be a journalist and one of the many questions I have about that particular career is how do you stay passionate about being a journalist when things are difficult/challenging. I'm curious about this because I know journalism can be very demanding and it has it's ups and downs as well...

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Feb 09, 2018 1103 views

What are the qualities that colleges look for in prospective students interested in journalism?

I really want to partake in a few colleges that I've done excessive research in regards to their journalism programs and I'm still unsure what they are looking for precisely. What appeals most to them when they think of accepting a student into their programs regarding the field of...