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What careers combine arts and sustainability?

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Hello. I am searching for a bachelor career that combines art (if it is dance more than great) or/and crafts and sustainability with a very practical approach. I would would love to study abroad.
But also if anyone know about a career in communication that is not focused in marketing/commercial but more the in a human social side of it?

Thank you! I'm open to any country as long as it is a interesting and well designed program! #journalism #writing #travel #dance #performing-arts #sustainability #arts-and-crafts #permaculture

4 answers

Amy’s Answer


For a different idea, if you're interested in the human side of marketing, I might suggest looking a digital marketing. To be a successful digital marketer, you have to know your customer and this starts to get in to human behaviors and customers experiences. While all marketing is connected to business, there is an interesting side to this type of marketing and communications that includes a very human element, and it often includes social media channels. This type of career would absolutely work into your desire to work with words. It might be worth looking at this type of career, just as an alternative.

Terri L.’s Answer


There is also music and dance therapy as it relates to health related and clinical counseling and therapy for people with disabilities. There are many U.S. universities that offer this major within their performing arts departments.

Gwendolyn’s Answer


Hi Japjeet,

I went to school for art and graphic design and am currently working as a full time designer. I know a lot of designers who are involved in socially-conscious projects, so this could be a good direction for you. Yes, there are a lot of design jobs related to marketing, but you could also work to create awareness and change in the areas you are passionate about. Look up sustainability and design and you will surely find some amazing projects online.

Good luck.

Karin’s Answer


Are you perhaps interested in art/dance therapy?

Thank you Karin! I really haven't thought about it. I will look more into it now that you mentioned it =) Japjeet K.