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What should I consider when choosing a college major?

I am not entirely sure of what major I want to for sure do but I hav business and economics in mind and business in entrepreneurship.

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4 answers

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Jeff’s Answer

It is important to study what you enjoy so you cant take it to the next level. I was a history major and had no idea how valuable it would become, especially in finance. so I would focus on your passion and see where it takes you. Don't pick you major based on money or what is fashionable. Fashions change and if you aren't passionate, odds are you, won't make money.

That said, it is important to pick you major based that are associated with your career goals.

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Anthony’s Answer

Please, note the following, concerning your college major, especially relating to your future business, as regards economics and entrepreneurship :-
1. Consideration of the type or kind of business, you have in your mind for the future.
2. Consideration of your goal and objectives.
3. Building a scale of preferences, regarding various types of businesses you are interested.
4. Your general interest and knowledge in the chosen business.
5. Your interest and knowledge in the chosen major.

Best regards in your vision.
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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank you for your question. I am glad to hear that you would like to be an entrepreneur. Have you thought about what industry you would like to start your business? I believe business and economics are always essential to run your business.
Below is my suggestions :
1. Think about what industry you would like to start you industry. E.g. your hobbies, you interest or anything you have strength on
2. Do research on the industrie s and analyze the industry situation, e.g. any entry barrier, competition status, any substitute, etc.
3. Shortlist the industries that you would like to do business. Suggest you take the relevant subjects in the college as the major and business/management as the minor
4. Explore any intern opportunities in the industry
5. You can consider to work in the industry after your graduation for a while. It can help you to understand the business model and establish the people network. You can earn the funding to startup your business too.
6. Start the business online if possible.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Baljit’s Answer

Hi Leo
It's a great start to be interested in business classes. At least you have your mind set. Next step would be to explore the courses offered at the schools you want to attend. The questions you would want to ask yourself is:

Baljit recommends the following next steps:

how much it would cost
does the financial package that financial aid seem feasible for you
how long it would take for you to complete the degree
what career path would you want to choose for the course that you are completing
what course would be beneficial in the long run