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Carl-Hanee Oct 27 102 views

How to narrow down a cluster of different career paths and interests, to about 3 or 4 and focus on those few, without uncertainty and second guessing?

The majors I am interested in are so different from each other (ex: architecture and law) that I am having a hard time to narrow it down to just a few.
I am aware that I don't have to know now but I am on a time crunch and my goal is to narrow it down to 2 and stick with it.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Oct 27 107 views

How much does your major in college matter when pursuing a career in accounting?

I'm a junior high school student who's striving to be an accountant someday. I'd like to know the importance of a major, as well as the importance of the college you attend when taking into consideration a career in accounting.

Alan’s Avatar
Alan Oct 27 215 views

Classes in the future

Will my classes in college change depending on my major?

Yong Can’s Avatar
Yong Can Oct 27 198 views

Career question ?

How much years of college do you need to be an engineer? What do i have to study?

kelly’s Avatar
kelly Oct 27 156 views

How to decide whether you want to go into veterinary school or nursing school?

I've been thinking about going into the veterinary field as I have always loved animals but I also love helping people. Which field should I decide on? Any tips/thoughts would be appreciated!

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raina Oct 26 136 views

What are some majors that are good for undecided students?

Should I just go in undecided? I'm just worried that if I do, I won't be able to transfer into a certain course later on if it's full. Majors relating to STEM appeal to me, but I'm pretty sure my understanding of math isn't strong enough for me to succeed in anything STEM related.

raina’s Avatar
raina Oct 26 290 views

How important is it to get into a "good"/prestigious college?

I'm a junior in high school, and I'm preparing for my college applications. With many college acceptance rates dropping a considerable amount, I want to know just how much the college you attend can affect your job/internship opportunities.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Oct 26 126 views

What is college like?

Whos the most profitable major?

Brycen’s Avatar
Brycen Oct 26 218 views

How would you apply for a physical therapist or a mental therapist after college?

After college, I want to find out a place to apply for work. Is there any specific way or method to apply for a job as a physical or mental therapist?

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Oct 26 81 views

What was the first thing you did after your education?

After high school, college, etc.

Iris’s Avatar
Iris Oct 25 60 views

Are you more likely to find a job out of the state or inside the state you live in?

After college I want to be able to move out of the state and find I career I enjoy most.

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Oct 25 529 views

How do you start planning your career?

How do you prepare yourself both financially and academically?

Patrick’s Avatar
Patrick Oct 25 130 views

When did you start deciding what major you're going to take?

How long did it take?
How are you sure about it?

Kimberly’s Avatar
Kimberly Oct 25 158 views

What is it really like to study Criminal Justice?

What are the education requirements to study Criminal Justice? What degrees do I need? And whats the environment like? How hard would it be to be a Criminal Justice enforcement. How many years would it take to study?

Harold’s Avatar
Harold Oct 25 154 views

How do I maintain a balanced schedule through homework, family, and sports?

I also want to go to the military specifically the army or marines I haven't made my mind up yet but that's my focus if football doesn't go anywhere.