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Sara Jun 12 165 views

What are the first 5 things I should do when looking into Phd/Graduate school programs?

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Political Science a year ago and am interested in these fields: social work, ethnic studies, and law/policy. I have work experience in higher education, mentorship, Ethnic Studies, writing and research, and retention programs.

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Fernanda Jun 07 141 views

What is the most difficult part of being in law?

What is the most difficult part of being in law? What was the most difficult part of classes and overall being in law-school? What should i expect?
I don't even know in what type of law i would like to be in, is there a specific point in which i cant change it?

Alivia’s Avatar
Alivia Jun 06 93 views

What is the most difficult part of being lawyer?

What was it like in law school how difficult was it?

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yana Jun 01 214 views

How does on find/get good internship opportunities in high school?

-rising 11th grader
-new driver

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carolina May 14 169 views

What are the first steps to becoming a lawyer?

I am currently in high school and would like to pursue law in the future and become a coorperate lawyer. What are the things I should focus onin high school and in college to achieve this?

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lorelei May 24 120 views

What classes should I take in order to become a lawyer?

As a middle school student what classes should I take in the future to become a lawyer? Should I take AP classes or does it not matter?

Miya’s Avatar
Miya May 23 236 views

What are the requirements to become a lawyer and get into law school?

What do I need to do to help get a better chance into law school? What is law school really like? Is it always granted a job at a law firm?

Cece’s Avatar
Cece May 23 152 views

Are there any career options where I can be a writer or designer and also work in the field of crime and mystery?

I am a freshman in college currently undecided on my career path. I have a wide number of interests so I’m in the process of exploring. My main interests are in interior design and writing. However, I do also loveee mysteries/crime solving. For right now, I just want want to learn how or if...

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella May 16 86 views

What would be the best way to set me apart from others that are applying to yale I want to major in law

I have a 4.0 I volunteer and I’m looking into scholarships

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH May 11 131 views

what was your motivation in law school ?

just want to know

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Rayana May 10 77 views

What's your advice for law school?

My name is Rayana and I'm a 10th grader. I want to be a lawyer, preferably a criminal defense lawyer.

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 05 244 views

How do I actually get into top tier schools?

Hi! I am aiming for top tier schools. I am a current freshman, 4.0 GPA. I do student council and mock trial. This year I took one AP and advanced class, next year I will be taking 3-4 AP classes. I am interested in zoology, pediatrics, youth advocacy, law, and government. What can I be doing to...

nasir’s Avatar
nasir May 05 103 views

What are the requirments to be a lawyer ?

im in 12th grade, my name is nasir and im intrested in being a lawyer

Tevisha’s Avatar
Tevisha Apr 20 232 views

How do I become lawyer?

How would I start

Lydia’s Avatar
Lydia Apr 15 301 views

Is being a lawyer worth it?

I'm in 7th grade and I want to be a lawyer but I want to know if it's worth it