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what do you picture yourself doing in the future with the automotive industry?

regarding in working as a master mechanic.

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1 answer

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John’s Answer

Hi Jose,

I think you are considering a career in auto mechanics. If you already know that you would love to do that kind of work, then it's great! I would still go to an inexpensive college for business and mechanical engineering. A business degree will help you move up in your field. For example, if you are working in a shop and want to be a manager or even the owner, a business degree will help you. The mechanical engineering will help you keep your options open and help with advanced mechanical careers. Assuming you are mechanically inclined, a degree in mechanical engineering may give you a few more better paying options.

As a mechanic, you may also want to specialize in trucks and electric vehicles or electric trucks. Servicing big trucks pays better than personal vehicles typically. And the way of the future is most vehicles are trending toward being electric like the Tesla's. Another specialty is exotic cars like Mercedes. Fixing a Mercedes pays better than fixing a Honda Civic.

You should walk into all the local shops in town. Ask for the manager. If they ask why, say you'd like to become a mechanic and you're seeking advice. Then when you get to the manager, say, "I'd like to be a mechanic. Can I get your advice please?" take good notes. Then ask him/her if you can help sweep up the shop after school for free? Just by being in the environment you'll learn a lot. Then when a low-level job opens up, you are already there. Already learning. They are likely to give the job to the guy who has already been putting in the time.

In the meantime, get good grades in school. Do go to an inexpensive college. Find ways to learn about mechanics in school, or after school programs or on your own. Believe it or not but Robotics Clubs or classes are great. Same principles apply to cars and trucks as robots. :-) And all the robots are electric these days!

Best of luck!

To have a conversation about this, you can find my LinkedIn link in my CareerVillage profile. Click my picture!

John recommends the following next steps:

Get advice from at least 3 shop managers. Work for free in any shop you can.
Study mechanics on YouTube and at your "free job" work until you get a paying job.
Join the robotics club
Get good grades in school. Go to college for business and mechanical engineering