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I am a 17 yr old male enrolled as a freshman at Mississippi College. I am thinking I would like to go into pre law. As of now, I am a history major. How do the two go hand in hand? There is a History/Prelaw selection under the major box.

Updated Tupelo, Mississippi

There is a difference in the course curriculum for History, and History Pre-law. I am trying to help my mom and family. She has been a single mother to myself and brother all our lives. It's time to help her for a change. #mclaw #history #law #law-practice #lawyer #law-school

4 answers

Richard’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington
Great question, Gavin. Prior to law school, I was a History major. History is a fun undergraduate major, and it's an excellent way to prepare you for law school. A major in History is not meant to make you an expert in history, it's just a vehicle to improve your reading comprehension and writing skills. Those are the two skills you will need most in law school. If you're absolutely certain you want to go to law school, then the History/PreLaw major sounds like a great program. However, if you are just "thinking about" or "considering" law school, just do a History major. Should you change your mind about law school later, you won't be pigeonholed into that career path. Strangely, law schools DO NOT look favorably on PreLaw majors. They care only about cumulative GPA and LSAT score. Doesn't matter what subject you majored in. In sum, pick the major that's most interesting to you!

Joanne’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
I am a lawyer and majored in history in college. There is no true best college major as a prerequisite for applying to law school. A strong liberal arts college education is a good basis. I found history interesting, and it helped develop my own critical thinking and analytic skills. It also requires a lot of reading, digesting of information and informed writing. All good skills that will help in studying and then practicing law. Being able to write well and concisely is a necessary skill for a lawyer. Don't worry so much about pre-law as major. Instead speak with an adviser and pick a major that will help develop the skills I mention. Then concentrate on maintaining a high GPA and participating in other school activities that demonstrate your interests and provide opportunities to develop leadership qualities. A high GPA and extracurricular activities will help you standout as a law school applicant.

JENNA’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
Your best bet is to speak with your college adviser to get information on which major is best for you. If you really want to go to law school, and you work hard and get the grades, I'm not sure it will make a difference which major you have. Law schools aren't always as concerned about the major as they are the grades. If you're a freshman, you've got time to declare, or even switch majors, depending on what your goals are. It's great you want to help your mom, you can mention that as motivation for your adviser, they might have advice more specific to your actual situation. Good luck!

Martina’s Answer

Updated Carrollton, Georgia
I think history is a great background for the study of law. The reading, writing, and critical thinking skills you will develop as a history major will be an asset to you in law school.