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What is the best way to get a summer internship with a major league baseball team?

Updated Los Angeles, California

My career goal is to be on the operations side of a MLB team, with the ultimate of being the president of the organization. I love baseball! #baseball #sports #sports-management #internships

3 answers

Monty’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas
Hi Jeremy - There are a couple different "operations" side of MLB organizations. There is the stadium operations side which deals with the facilities and stadiums. Then there is the baseball operations side which deals with the players and scouting and minor leagues. Oftentimes, MLB organizations hire "interns" beginning in January to work for the season. So contacting MLB department heads and HR directors during the fall is probably a good start. Don't wait until the spring to contact them. Lots of MLB teams post jobs on workinsports.com. Keep searching that site for openings and/or internships. Best wishes in your career endeavors.
Thank you very much!

Barry’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts
Monty's answer is pretty spot on. I'll add one more thing. Persistence. Keep your name in front of the hiring manager. Unf, interns are liked traded commodities, there is not a lot of differentiation between them.

Rachel’s Answer

Updated Monsey, New York
Write to every MLB team and express your interest. Tell them if there's not an opportunity now, please keep you in mind in the future. Then follow up. Go to your local team and volunteer. Put your name in front of people all the time and be persistent. Good luck!
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