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What major should I study to do pre-med and become a child psychiatrist?

Updated Oakland, California

What is a good college major to eventually be a child psychiatrist?
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4 answers

John A’s Answer


There is no specific major required for pre-med, although there are specific course requirements. Try to pick a major that interests you, maybe psychology in your case. Good luck!

Kimberly’s Answer


Choose a major that you are interested in and passionate about. You can get into med school with any major. That being said, you will still need to do well in your science courses that are prerequisites for medical school. The obvious choice for major is psychology but don't choose this if it's not your interest. At this point in time you may think you want to be a child psychiatrist but as you are exposed to more areas of medicine you may find that you may be more interested in another field.

Robert’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

I would major in psychology which we give you a idea about your interest in his field.

Franchesca’s Answer

Updated Cedar Park, Texas
Hello Sarah! Well, the first step in medical school, psychiatry residency, and then specializing in child psychiatry. Honestly, a lot of medical schools look for a well-rounded applicant. Do not fall into the trap of feeling like you "should major in X or Y." Instead, follow your passion. Do what you love and excel within it. Your training in child psychiatry will be what you need to do that job well. So, for now, study what you want. Be well-rounded. If you want to learn more about children, I'd highly recommended developmental psychology, etc.