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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations - Military Specific Occupations
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Alexis Sep 01, 2017 1025 views

How does the path to becoming a plastic surgeon differ from that of a general surgeon?

Recently, I've been intrigued by a fascinating and controversial career: plastic/reconstructive surgeon. How does the path toward becoming a plastic surgeon differ from someone aspiring to be a general surgeon? And what does this journey entail? It has always haunted me on whether there is...

Vilma’s Avatar
Vilma Jan 16, 2018 941 views

What can you do in high school to make yourself appear more competitive when applying to a pre-me program?

I’m a sophomore in high school and wondering about what I could be doing now to make myself appear a strong and willing candidate for an exceptional pre-med program in college. I have always wanted to go into the medical field, but never sure about what I could be doing to make myself stand out...

Aishwarya’s Avatar
Aishwarya Mar 16, 2018 845 views

How hard is doing Pre-Med with an Engineering major (Biomedical Engineering)?

#biomedical-engineering- #premed #science-phd #medical-practice

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Oct 12, 2017 1231 views

What major should I study to do pre-med and become a child psychiatrist?

What is a good college major to eventually be a child psychiatrist?
#child-psychiatrist #medical-practice #child-development #working-with-children

Jamaul’s Avatar
Jamaul Jan 16, 2018 909 views

How do you choose between going to medical school and dental school?

When I was growing up I’ve always wanted to be a cardiologist. However, recently I’ve started doing a lot of research and thought that I might want to go to dental school instead. How do I decide? I don’t want to make the wrong decision and end up having regrets in the future....