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Where should I search for jobs?

Is LinkedIn a good media to find a job? #career #career-choice #job-search #linkedin

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Hello, LinkedIn is great but i agree with Ashley, again it depends on your field. Then in every location you have different sites. The best network is still your own thought, tell people what you are looking for and create your own opportunities!
Last updated Dec 13 '17 at 09:34

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I would agree that LinkedIn is a good place to search for jobs. Other web-based job search sites that I like include.... -Indeed -SimplyHired -Glassdoor -Google Careers -Monster If you have a sense of which companies/organizations you would like to work at, most companies will have a job search section on their corporate website that lists available jobs. I would echo others in saying that your university career center is a good place to seek guidance on the job search process and gain access to an alumni network, internal job board, and advice on the interview process. Career fairs are often available at many schools and provide a good way to connect with companies about their available opportunities.
Last updated Dec 25 '17 at 22:28

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Yes, LinkedIn is one of the most useful websites to look for a job. First of all, you may apply for the existing requisitions directly; After several years of working experience, upon your regular update on your profiles, it is very likely that job hunters or other companies' HR may reach out to you; Also, it is quite helpful if you get connected/acquaintant to the target company employees (alumni, former colleagues etc.) and could easily get internal referrals. Btw, there are some other useful websites, such as SlideShare, Glassdoor etc. that you can find related information when searching for job. Good luck! #career #career-choice #job-search
Last updated Dec 17 '17 at 22:03

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