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What are some career options under the psychology major?

I am a high school senior in Boston, Massachusetts. I am very interested in helping my community and being a mentor for children who need one. I have taken an internship as a social worker, which I did like, but I am not sure if that is something that I want to do. What are some other options that are similar similar to this? #psychology #social-worker #child-psychology #social-impact

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1 answer

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Gary’s Answer


I found this link that has some great information on Psychology careers.

Being a mentor for children is very admirable, it could be something you do as a career or on a volunteer basis which can be very rewarding as well.

I choose a Liberal Arts degree but I have enough Psychology courses for a major as well...Psychology is a great field, it can prepare you for anything in life...I have split my career between working in the social services field (job counseling, employment, training, case manager) and business (working for Dell and in state government).

Hope this helps...good luck!