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Careers related to Arts and the Environment

I'm open to suggestions about professional careers relating to arts and environment sustainability. All I can think of is architecture, but I wouldn't want to limit myself just towards that field. Plus, I'm currently in Malaysia, so it would be better if the jobs are available here. art architect counselor undergraduate environmental nature

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4 answers

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Laura’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi Sahira--

There are also jobs that you don't "get" but choose. By that I mean, you wouldn't apply for this type of job in the traditional sense, but decide to invest your time on the work. A lot of artists have daytime jobs to support themselves while they develop their work, and possibly transition to a level where their art careers provide a sustainable living. Many professional artists who are interested in work related to the environment produce outdoor installations called Land Art. The landscape is a very important element of the work. Here are a couple of things to check out for inspiration.

The life path for an artist doesn't apply to a formula. People get there many ways. It's more about figuring out your interests and how much you want it. That takes time, experimentation, commitment to your practice. If that excites you rather than scares you, that's a good start! :) College is a great time to explore in an incubator. It gives you a support base and some structure that I found really helpful.

The two youtube videolinks show Land Art artists that have had projects funded by grants, fellowships, foundations. They didn't always have those opportunities but got there and it's possible! The advice I'd give to you is to allow yourself the opportunity to try things out and see what you really enjoy doing, making, learning. That part is really fun too!

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Gary’s Answer

Good question...I am in the US and did a quick search on Malaysia environment issues and found this wiki link. I would start here and research some of the biggest environmental issues in your country and then start to do research on careers in the areas that interest you. Example- it seem like air and water pollution is a big issues - once you decide on some careers, find out what college and universities in your area offer these courses. I included a link to programmes at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) where I see a programme for Food Technology, Chemical, Bioengineering, Polymer & Enviromental.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the great info! Sahira S.
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David’s Answer

Hi Sahira,
Let's see, art, environment and sustainability. Have you thought about sustainable landscape architecture? Landscaping with a mixture of native flora and edibles spaced and planted to highlight nature and beauty year round.

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Beverly’s Answer

If you are into art in your country, try an online approach. If you are creative, there are freelance jobs that might be able to help you to find out better what you enjoy or have a passion for. If you want to use art outdoors, think about a wildlife job, perhaps as a photographer or event photographer. You could actually draw or paint as in studio art as well. I would find your likes and capitalize on that. Once you know what you like to do, you could find correspondence options out there depending on your research. There are job boards for nearly all types of disciplines.