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At what point does a medical professional realize what the specific field of medicine they would like to pursue is?

Updated Harlingen, Texas

I find it rather difficult at my age, and with little experience to decide the exact profession, I would like to pursue.
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Shelley’s Answer

Updated Indianapolis, Indiana

Montrell, Why do you want to work in medicine? Job security, pay, hours, helping others? What do you see yourself doing everyday for work. Work directly with a Patient or part of a team? You will be inside, likely work odd shifts, have emotional challenges from caring for the very ill. Are you repulsed by vomit, poop or blood? (well you should be but can you work through it :) How much time and money can you put into your education right now? I suspect that last question is the way most people choose where they specialize. Do you see yourself as a Respiratory , Radiologic, CAT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine or Laboratory Technologist? Surgery Tech? Research each and shadow for a day. It is very common for people to come and observe a few hours to get the feel of the profession.

Do you see yourself as a Doctor and don't know which specialty to go into? Make it into medical school and you will be exposed to all or most of them and there will be that one or two that rock your world.

Is Nursing an interest? The opportunities are endless. You start as a Pup nurse and gain experience and learn from your team/unit and branch into your next area of interest.

Sometimes you start on one path towards a profession and realize that it is not what you expected it to be or want to do. Be courageous enough to change directions and find what speaks to you. Health profession does allow for expansion of your career as you work in it. Good luck Montrell!