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Where can I find real scholarship information for paying for college?

There are so many that I’ve applied for and have not heard back. It makes me think that they are not real. #moneyforcollege #college-advice #financial-planning

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4 answers

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Prashanth’s Answer

Hi Cori,

Do not get discouraged, Try these links below if you haven't tried these already & Wish You Good Luck :)


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Claire’s Answer

In addition, once you get into college, look into work-study through your university. There are a lot of jobs that allow you to work a little, study a lot, and get paid for the hours.

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Rachel’s Answer

Agree with above. Also, consider applying for scholarships in your local community. Many of these scholarship committees have a contact person who you could email to get updates on the status of the scholarship. Your school counselor should also have access to a list of scholarships you would qualify for.

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Richard’s Answer

Many schools have a website listing scholarships and grants for which you can apply.