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What are some good scholarship resources for Nursing/medical degrees?

I am looking for some additional resources for obtaining scholarships and/or grants for full time nursing education.

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2 answers

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Jordan’s Answer

Great question Evan. I'm sorry no one's answered it yet! In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few links to other relevant Q&A on CareerVillage.org that should be super helpful for you to read through in regards to scholarships. I've included tips in the "next steps" section below a list of trustworthy sites you should create accounts on if you haven't already (that have good scholarships especially for nursing/medical students!). Here are tips that could help you in your preparation of finding and submitting for scholarships:

  1. Dedicate a minimum of 1 hour a day for a few weeks to applying for scholarships and it'll go a long way.
  2. Be thoughtful about your entries, just doing the bare minimum isn't going to land you any scholarships. It's better to spend more time on each entry to ensure it's well thought out than to rush through to try to enter a bunch. Quality over quantity!!
  3. I recommend writing one STELLAR essay. Chances are you'll use it for every scholarship application (potentially only having to make minor edits dependent on what the prompt is). Tell a story that clearly represents who you are and what's important to you. The goal of the essay should be to let the reader in to your life. If you can do that in a genuine and meaningful way you'll be considered, I promise! A couple of ideas: Write about the hardest thing you've had to go through in your life or what makes you so passionate about something. Be sure to include lessons you've learned and what you hope to do with that knowledge/experience later in life.
  4. Spend more time finding scholarships that directly pertain to YOU so it cuts down the competition. Look for scholarships in your local community, or that are just for young women, for example. Know what career path you want to pursue? There are probably dozens of scholarship opportunities that are only for students aspiring to follow a specific career path (e.g. STEM, entertainment, sports, design, etc. etc.)

Relevant Q&A on CareerVillage.org you should read:

What financial support can I find to help me pay for college?

How to stand out when applying for scholarships?

What are the chances of winning scholarships?

Jordan recommends the following next steps:

Create an account on Cappex and Niche.com (Look up the scholarships they for your specific major!)
Look for scholarships from bigger companies like Coca-Cola and Taco Bell. Oftentimes they won't list on bigger sites and therefore less youth apply.
Know what school you're attending? Talk to students who go there to see if they have any insights on how to pay for school/what grants or scholarships to apply for.

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Cathleen’s Answer

Hi Adrienne! There is scholarship money available but it does take some digging! A couple of programs/scholarships to consider are in the US Public Health Service where they will give you scholarship money for nursing/medical education and then you are required to work in underserved areas after graduation for a certain number of years (you still get a salary for those working years). Sometimes that is a rural area or even a big city. Here is a link to the program: https://www.usphs.gov/student/nhsc.aspx. The military is another option-they would send eligible candidates through nursing/medical education but I am less familiar with their programs. Nursing and medical schools also have endowments which allow them to grant scholarships on an individual basis for merit but competition for these type scholarships is fierce so study hard! Also, New York University Medical School in NYC has announced that their medical school will be tuition-free but you would still have to pay your living expenses in NYC (~$27,000/year). So there is money available but it requires a lot of research, excellent grades and a determined spirit. Best of luck!