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What is the best college in Texas to get a BSN?

I want to go to the best college possible with a Bachelors of Nursing in Science.
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7 answers

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M. Scott’s Answer

UT Arlington!

All of the courses are on line and the instructors are helpful.

I am in the process of getting my BSN from UT Arlington. The classes are very informative and increase your knowledge and confidence as a nurse.

Best of luck,

M.Scott Fontenot, RN

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Nadja’s Answer

Dear Rachel,
Great to hear that you want to become a nurse and good job with asking that critical question. Not all programs are created equal. Start with making a list of all the BSN nursing programs in your area that you are interested in attending. You can also check the Texas Board of Nursing BON for a list of approved programs. https://www.bon.texas.gov/education_programs.asp
Then you will want to visit each program's website to find out information about a few key factors:
1. Is the program "accredited"? (That is different then being approved to operate, programs are typically accredited through ACEN or CCNE)
2. What is the nursing program's annual NCLEX pass rate for the last few years? You will want to see a pass rate greater than 80% consistently.
3. What is the nursing program's graduation rate? Meaning of all the students who started in the program, how many actually make it through and graduate.
I hope this information helps. Best wishes and stay safe!
Dr. Nadja James

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Cathleen’s Answer

I am a proud BSN graduate of Texas Women's University . The clinical sites in Houston are world class and I cannot say enough good things about the depth and breadth of clinical experiences I had in that program at the many different clinical sites. Lots of opportunities for student nurse jobs to advance your knowledge while getting paid! Houston itself is pretty cool and living in the university housing at the Texas Medical Center was great. Rice University is right nearby when you want to get off campus as well. Good luck!

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Jodi’s Answer

Hi Rachel, I think you need to decide what is the best University to go to for you. I earned my RN-BSN online at UT Arlington. I am currently pursuing my MSN in nursing education there also. I do not think you can go wrong with the UT system whether it be in Arlington, San Antonio or wherever. I researched best Universities for BSN when I was ready to start my BSN. UT Arlington was in the top 10 and one of the lower end tuition wise. The private schools are quicker but also a lot more expensive tuition wise. One of the things that I like about UTA is that I have the option to pay as I go and not get in debt with student loans. I realize not everyone has this ability, but from experience with some of my friends the private schools pretty much only give an option to finance. UT Arlington has several scholarships available and I am sure that UTSA does too. I wish you the best in pursuit of your nursing career.

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Angela’s Answer

UT Health is amazing. I recieved my BSN and MSN from UT Health SA. The instructors are very knowledgeable and caring. The school also assists with clinical placement.

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Vince’s Answer

Greetings I am not from Texas. I would recommend research the schools passing rate on the nursing boards and choose by location, tuition or name recognition etc...

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Richard’s Answer

There are many great schools for nursing in Texas. One option that makes financial sense is to start at a community college which can be free in some cities first. According to nurse.org my alma mater UT Austin has the highest ranked nursing program among 4 year universities