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What CSU has the best Psychology program?

Asked Los Angeles, California

I am very interested in the Psychology field, but I fear the somewhat huge unemployment rate is not going to get me a job at all and my money will be spent for nothing. #psychology #career-path #sociology #consulting #statistics

2 answers

Rebecca’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

It depends what you mean by "best." Also, CSUs will always accept financial aid. I would also consider UCs, if you have the grades for it. Once financial aid kicks in, you may be looking at a similar cost of attendance. I myself went to CSU Chico and loved the psychology program, but I have heard similar things from other students around the CSU campuses and at the UCs as well. And to your point on the unemployment rate, I don't think the issue is that psychology graduates are underemployed, but rather, underpaid. You will find work, but it may not be work that affords you the lifestyle you want. Direct care positions where you are providing care for special needs children or adults, or elderly individuals, are high in demand, but don't pay much. In the case of positions like that, it's true that all that money spent on a bachelor's degree may not feel worth it in the end, especially with limited career prospects and limited opportunity for promotions without a master's degree. Double major would be a smart idea if high pay is your end goal. Otherwise, plan on being in school long enough for a PhD program. Luckily, most PhD programs have the option of working as a research assistant for reduced tuition, so you could get through that with pretty minimal debt. Hope that helps!

Justina’s Answer

Updated Hagerstown, Maryland

I know a few individuals who graduated with a Psych degree and they either work in an unrelated field or they went to graduate school. If you are going to do this, my advice would be to plan on going to graduate school or double major so that if you change your mind and do not go to grad school you still have another degree that makes you employable. Set yourself apart from the competition by having a double major; it only costs you another year or two of undergrad.