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How could I work at Shonen?

I want to be a author and illustrator as a career but I also want a chance make it big so I'd like to have some sort of chance to work at Shonen.

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4 answers

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Garima’s Answer

If you're aiming to work at Shonen Jump or another major manga publisher like them, it's all about honing your skills and taking the right steps. Firstly I want to recommend you two books which are very helpful for any comic book artist.

1. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
2. Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Here’s how you can start:

1. Sharpen Your Skills: Spend time practicing both writing and illustration. Create diverse stories and characters to showcase your talent. Practice drawing single character in different angles and expressions. Learn about character archetypes.

2. Build Your Portfolio: This is the most important part to put together a portfolio that highlights your best manga or comic work. Show off your creativity and style.

3. Get to Know the Industry: Research how manga is published and what Shonen Jump looks for in their stories. Understand their process and preferences.

4. Connect and Collaborate: Attend manga events or join online communities where you can meet fellow creators and learn from their experiences.

5. Submit Your Work: Follow submission guidelines from Shonen Jump or other publishers. Be ready for feedback and keep improving with each submission.

6. Stay Positive and Persistent: Breaking into the manga industry takes time. Stay motivated, keep practicing, and don't be discouraged by setbacks.

7. Keep Learning: Stay updated on manga trends and keep exploring new ideas. Continuous learning and improvement are key.

I hope this helps.
Believe in yourself and keep pushing forward. You've got this!
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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, James !

It is so awesome that you are driven towards the writing and illustration career and I would like to share some advice for you based on what you've written.

The idea of "making it big" comes from your love of writing and drawing and wanting the best for yourself which is very admirable. There are millions of people doing such fabulous work in the field that are not household names or overly wealthy but contribute greatly to culture and make very important contributions to the world, such as you can do. The writing/illustration field is one of the opinion fields of work, like many other creative careers, so it is competitive and conditional. At this time, it's good to focus on your talent and creativity, get a good formal education and make as many contacts as you possibly can.

I would advise going to college and majoring in Art with a minor in a writing field. You can take some publishing and advertising courses, too. A Communications Studies minor would be helpful if you didn't want to minor in writing. I recommend college for at least a Bachelors Degree because you will be assigned projects that will count towards your portfolio of work which you will need to have later on. In addition, you will meet contacts, be aware of conferences and seminars that will greatly help you and receive personal and professional growth that you would not get with any other path. It will be very important for you to have contacts and for the professional leaders in your field to know you.

Since the career field you've chosen is very competitive, it is not productive to focus your employment goal on one company. Whenever you want to apply to a specific company, the best thing to do is to go to their website and look at their Employment Opportunities section. You can find out what is required or when they have openings. I wouldn't advise waiting around for just one company, though. You should apply for as much work as you possibly can get. There are many projects out there, but you can set a long term goal to possibly obtain employment at the one company you like. It's a lot of work and you'll have to be willing to be open minded and flexible with any creative career.

To advance in your career, you will need a college degree, a portfolio of strong projects that show you are versatile and can capture various themes and images and the ability to sell yourself by having above average presentational skills. The college process will teach you this and you will be very thankful for the process.

I am leaving you some links below that have online information about being involved with other writers and doing some writing of your own. On the website called Writing, you can make an account, write and keep a collection of your work which will be copyrighted for their website and mingle with fellow writers. This will always motivate and keep your inspiration going. I have also left a couple of links below for illustration tutorials for you.

I hope that this is helpful and I wish you all the best in your journey towards your career goals !

Michelle recommends the following next steps:

Thank you comment icon Thank you, this is really helpful. James
Thank you comment icon You are very welcome, James ! Michelle M.
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Reuel’s Answer

Pursuing your passion for storytelling and art while aiming for the big leagues is admirable! Working for Shonen Jump, a renowned manga publication, is a fantastic goal. Here's some advice from one creative writer to another.

1. Develop your craft: Hone your writing and illustration skills through practice, online courses, and workshops. Learn from industry professionals and study the work of successful authors and illustrators.

2. Build a portfolio: Showcase your best work to demonstrate your style and versatility. Share your portfolio online and in person to get feedback and attract potential opportunities.

3. Create your own content: Write and illustrate your own stories, even if it's just for fun. This will help you develop your unique voice and style, which can catch the attention of editors and publishers.

4. Network and collaborate: Attend comic-cons, writing workshops, and illustration events. Connect with fellow creators, editors, and publishers. Collaborate on projects to learn from others and build your professional network.

5. Learn about the industry: Study the manga and publishing industries, including trends, genres, and submission guidelines. Understand what Shonen Jump and other publications look for in new talent.

6. Be persistent and patient: Breaking into the industry takes time, dedication, and perseverance. Be prepared for rejections and keep working on your craft.

7. Embrace your unique voice: Don't try to emulate others; instead, find your distinct style and perspective. Shonen Jump wants fresh talent with new ideas, so be bold and authentic!

8. Learn Japanese (optional but helpful): Familiarize yourself with the language to better understand the culture and audience you're creating for. This can give you an edge when submitting work or communicating with editors.

9. Submit your work: When you feel ready, follow Shonen Jump's submission guidelines and share your best work. Be prepared for feedback and potential rejection, but don't give up!

10. Keep creating and growing: Continuously produce new content, experiment with different styles, and push yourself outside your comfort zone. This will keep your passion alive and attract opportunities.

Remember, dear, success in the creative field is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on honing your craft, building your network, and staying true to your unique voice. Good luck, and I hope to see your work in Shonen Jump one day!
Thank you comment icon Thank you for the advice and thanks for the luck I'm definitely going to need it. James
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Hakeem Ola’s Answer

Working at a company like Shonen, which is likely a reference to a manga publisher or related industry, can be an exciting prospect. Here are s
Develop your skills: If you're interested in working in a creative role, such as writing, illustrating, or editing manga, focus on honing your skills in those areas. Take art classes, practice writing stories, and familiarize yourself with the manga industry.
Education: While not always required, having a relevant degree can be beneficial. Consider pursuing a degree in fields such as graphic design, creative writing, illustration, or literature.
Build a portfolio: Regardless of the position you're interested in, having a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and creativity is essential. For writers, this might mean having samples of your work, while artists should have a portfolio of their illustrations or artwork.
Networking: Attend industry events, conventions, and workshops to meet professionals in the manga industry. Networking can help you learn about job opportunities and get your foot in the door.
Internships: Look for internship opportunities at manga publishers or related companies. Internships provide valuable experience and can lead to full-time positions in the future.
Apply for jobs: Keep an eye out for job openings at Shonen or similar companies. Check their website regularly, as well as job boards and industry-specific websites.
Be persistent: Breaking into the manga industry can be competitive, so don't get discouraged if you face rejection. Keep refining your skills, building your portfolio, and applying for jobs.
Thank you comment icon I'm excited to put your great advice to good use! James
Thank you comment icon warm welcome always Hakeem Ola Saka