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What requirements are needed in order to join the Airforce Academy and how is the day-to- day life as a college student there?

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Hello, I'am interested in the field of mechanical engineer and I enjoy rollercoasters and being thousands of feet in the air. I'm looking for a college that provides military experience, such as the Airforce, and offers college education. #engineering #military #mechanical-engineer #air-force

3 answers

Vanessa’s Answer

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Definitely get with a recruiter if you are interested in the military, but a few things to bear in mind are the following:

Fitness - make sure you can run/sit up/ push up the minimum requirements for whatever branch you are looking to join Academics - the academies are VERY competitive - make sure you have the GPA and volunteerism to back up your application Clearance - ensure you can pass a background check

Willingness to serve - you will have an amazing time if you choose to go into a(n) academy and transition to the military. You will make friends, travel, and learn the politics that come with any life experience, but just know if you do join - your personal stuff comes second. You will be asked to stretch your time and patience as the mission always comes first. Good luck to you!

Gary Stephen’s Answer

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Hi, here is a link to Air Force Academy admissions...a good place to start and learn the steps for admission.


Applying to the United States Air Force Academy is considerably more involved than applying to a typical college or university. There are many steps and important deadlines you must meet.

Review the steps and deadlines below very carefully, and familiarize yourself with the admissions requirements pertaining to each. If you have questions about the application process or about the Academy, please contact your Admissions Liaison Officer.

Steps at a Glance Check Your Eligibility Find Your Admissions Liaison Officer Complete Your Pre-Candidate Questionnaire Seek Your Nomination Request Transcripts And Teacher Evaluations Train For And Take The Candidate Fitness Assessment Complete Your Extracurricular Activities Record Complete Your Writing Sample And Personal Interview Submit Your Personal Data Record And Drug/Alcohol Abuse Statement Complete Your Medical Evaluation

Kelly’s Answer

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Number One in getting into any Military Academy is a Congressional Recommendation from your state's senator or representative.