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Is it worth it to switch schools in a college if you're already a few semesters in?

My college has different schools for different kinds of majors, each with different requirements. If I'm already a few semesters into one school and have all prerequisite classes done,is it worth it to switch to another school to change my major? #college-advice #choosing-a-major

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3 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, Hannah,

That is a tough choice. Honestly, only you understand the nuances of your situation enough to make the decision. I'll try to give you some things to think about - basically a list of questions that popped into my head when I read your question:

1) Is there another program in a different school that you are interested in ? Have you ever had any experience doing anything in that field? Is there a way to get some experience (organization on campus, volunteering, finding a project online) prior to transferring to see if you really like it?

2) Is there a similar program in the college you are already in? For example, if you are in the college of business and you think you are interested in pursuing a mathematics degree, do you think you could try majoring in economics?

3) Will transferring set you back far enough that you will not be able to graduate on time?

4) What are the career opportunities for the college you are in now and the one to which you are thinking about transferring?

5) Have you talked about transferring with a member of the faculty or staff?

6) Does the transfer align with a specific career interest you have? Could you reach the same career goal staying in the college you are in now?

At the end of the day, it might be worth it to make the change - it depends on how strongly you feel that a different program is a better fit. You also may not have given your current school enough of a chance. I would highly recommend discussing your options with one of your professors or a member of your college's staff. They can give you a better idea of the pros and cons of switching, highlighting the challenges you may face with the differences in curriculum. It is definitely not a decision to take lightly. If you feel like you're unsure about your career goals, check out the guide I linked below. It's lengthy, but extremely beneficial.

I hope this helps - good luck!

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Richard’s Answer

It can work. Just make sure you get credit for all the classes you've already taken. If you are going to lose more than a couple of credits, you must have a very compelling reason to want to change schools. Good luck with your decision!

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Rachel’s Answer

Sure. If you have committed to a new major, it certainly can make sense to switch schools even if you lose a little bit of time. Your major can help prepare you for a lifelong career. A few lost credits won't make a difference.