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Should I go to a college with shorter or longer class times

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There are two colleges I'm considering. should I go to the one with the 3 hour class or the 1 hour class? #college-advice #college-selection #college-bound

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Unless there is a specific reason to consider it, such as a learning disability, the length of the class period may have no bearing on your learning outcomes. Each course at the university level offers the same number of classroom instruction time as another if offering the same amount of credit (e.g. 3 or 4 credit hours = 3 or 4 hours of class per week for a traditional 16-week semester). MWF classes meet for an hour each period, while TR classes meet for 1.5 hours each session.

When considering your college choice, consider your educational expectations and outcomes. Which university offers more of what you want from the experience? Is it a semester? trimester? or quarter system school? Traditional coursework or on the block system? Are mini-mesters offered? Are they different in their approach? What do you like/dislike about either?

Weighing your options in relation to your wants, needs, desires in a collegiate experience will be helpful in making an educated decision. It shouldn't necessarily be left to the perceived amount of time that you'll be in the classroom. You want to learn as much as you can about your chosen subjects!

Good luck!

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