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Can you really go to medical school for free in Cuba?

Read somewhere that you can. #medicine #medical-school #med-school #cuba #tuition

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3 answers

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Mandy’s Answer


I have never heard something like this before and so I did a little research. Your question inspired me!

I found this article: https://nonprofitquarterly.org/cuban-medical-school-trains-us-primary-care-doctors-of-color/

It looks like yes you can attend medical school in Cuba for free. However, it does look like there are some stipulations. It does look like this program is specific to underprivileged individuals.

I would do some research as there are a lot of amazing scholarships and financial aid assistance available. While practicing medicine in another country might teach you so much, it possibly could result in some learning roadblocks when you come back into the states.

Hope this helps!

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Estelle’s Answer

Be very careful where you go to med school if you want to practice in the US. It is more difficult to get into competitive residencies if you do not go to a US med school, and you would need to complete a US residency. All residencies look at the US graduates first. Good luck!

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Richard’s Answer

Yes I have also read that it is free.
Going to medical school outside the USA can limit the your choices if you plan on returning to the USA for residency.