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Career Questions tagged Industrial Biotechnology

Cristia W.’s Avatar
Cristia W. Sep 01, 2017 527 views

What are some good biotech/biomedical companies in the Long Beach/Orange County area?

I am looking to enter this field upon my college graduation in 5 years and want to start looking into some great companies! Help is much appreciated! biology biotechnology biotech industrial-biotechnology biomed biomedical-engineering biomedical...


Avijit  P.’s Avatar
Avijit P. Jul 17, 2016 515 views

How much is the job opportunity for biotechnology?

I want to take biotechnology as a subject...


Mohammed S.’s Avatar
Mohammed S. Jun 20, 2016 1629 views

What is the Scope of Biotechnology?

Hi! I am a student of class 10. Would like you to provide me detailed information about Biotechnology. biotechnology biotech...