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Career Questions tagged Offcampus

Ansley’s Avatar
Ansley Sep 28, 2018 315 views

Why do people prefer living off campus?

I understand the pros and cons of living on campus, I'd like to here some perspectives of those who enjoyed an off campus experience.

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina May 02, 2018 431 views

How can I get free money for off campus housing for college?

I will have a part-time job to help pay for housing and have a little help from my family but it would really be helpful to have some type of cushion. What can I do to get free money particularly for house rent? Is there any special programs? I've applied to many scholarships already and will...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Sep 01, 2017 415 views

How can I be more involved in campus events while living off-campus?

My only method of transportation is riding the Port Authority bus line to and from campus, and I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to make friends or learn something new. #offcampus #college #college-advice

Diljot’s Avatar
Diljot Mar 07, 2017 741 views

Is living on campus or off campus better?

I would love to know your opinion #college #canada-university #campus #offcampus #oncampus