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Madelyn Aug 28, 2020 760 views

what are some possible careers where i can investigate racism and racial awareness?

I feel very passionately about racism and I would love to educate other about this topic, what are some possible career opportunities related to this? #career #racism #educate

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Madelyn Aug 28, 2020 569 views

What are some possibly careers related to psychology or psychology and racism?

I would like to do something is psychology maybe but i do not want to be a psychiatrist. Are there any suggestions possibly related to psychology with racial awareness? #psychology #career #racialawareness

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Madelyn May 08, 2020 1221 views

What are some careers where I can travel in the beginning and then settle down.

I like helping people and learning new languages. I would love to travel the world for the beginning of my career. Although I would want to settle down after I travel the world for some years. #travel #cultures #career #foreign-languages

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Madelyn May 08, 2020 536 views

What different skills and classes are imperative to have when aspiring to becoming a foreign service officer?

I enjoy helping people and love to travel the world. I enjoy my Latin class, and would love to learn more languages. I think this could be a possible career. How many years do you have to work outside of the country? Once you want to stop travelling what can you do and how long are you going to...