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Sallie Lardy

Private Chef at Confidential Client
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu, India
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Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Oct 28, 2015 3646 views

Can you be a docter and a chef at the same time?

I like to cook But I want to be a docter. #doctor #chef

Mjonathan’s Avatar
Mjonathan May 23, 2012 11579 views

Do you need to have experience in cooking in order to get into a culinary school?

I am a junior and i have never taken any culinary classes but i want to become a chef. Do i need experience to get accepted into a culinary school.
#chef #cooking #culinary

Ajuan’s Avatar
Ajuan Jan 21, 2016 1026 views

How can an high school student get to work in a danish butter cookie factory? Is it even possible?

I enjoy danish butter cookies and i admire the workers in the factories, it is my dream job. #baking #cooking-and-baking

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Oct 19, 2015 1457 views

Becoming a chef...

Hello, I am a senior at Norman County West and will be hopefully filling out applications for college soon. I have been looking into being a chef for a long time now and I have a few questions to ask. Is the starting minimum pay a good salary? How much schooling is needed for being a chef?...

Archie’s Avatar
Archie Oct 29, 2015 1388 views

how long are you in college for culinary arts

I like to cook and want to go to college for culinary arts and would like to know how long I have to be in college #professional #students #cooks

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Oct 22, 2015 1184 views

Do you always have to a really really good cook to become a chef at a really great place?

I am in 6th grade i am wanting to become a chef on day i love to cook i would cook all day if i could. But, i am not that good of a cook and what if i wanted to become a chef at chils and for me not being a good chef would they still higher me as a chef. Then 2 years leater they said you higher...