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Washington, Washington
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I want to be a software engineer, web developer, or computer programmer. Very interested in computer science. I also love business/marketing.



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Michal Jun 10, 2020 2386 views

What jobs can you get with an Associate of Arts degree, if any?

I will be graduating high school with an Associate of Arts degree through an early college program at a private university and I was wondering if the degree would help me get a job while in college? What things could I do with the degree/what opportunities would it give me, internship and...

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Michal Jun 09, 2020 898 views

What is the best way to bring attention and members to your non profit organization?

I'm in the process of starting a NPO focused on the lack of women in STEM and the empowerment of female leaders. #women-in-stem #engineering #business #computerscience