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malu J. May 26, 2020 837 views

How do I know if a community college or University is right for me?

I don't know where I want to go now, so many people have different opinions and they're helpful, but, I am just getting more confused, can someone give me some tips on finding what is right for me? college undecided...


Cirs S.’s Avatar
Cirs S. Jun 09, 2020 497 views

What career should I study in college

I'm crecative, like writing, art, like working hard. I don't like history or math. But I don't want to major in art, and I don't know if journalism is for me. I want something useful for the future so I can get a good job....


Rochele W.’s Avatar
Rochele W. Jun 09, 2020 290 views

Is law enforcement the best fit for me?

Since I was young I have always enjoyed learning about the judicial system, criminals, and the fields of law enforcement etc. But do I have what it takes? I mean I don’t necessarily want to become a police officer. However, criminal psychology, csi, and the K-9 unit all interest me. I’m just...

criminal-justice law-enforcement

Jowell M.’s Avatar
Jowell M. Jun 10, 2020 1041 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology college...