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Posted on Oct 05, 2015

Mechanical engineer and electrical engineering. But I want to creat my own company so also business management.

Enter collegue, work in internships and start looking for new concept and ideas needed for a company. With my degrees start working to save money for my company. I'll look into the resources I have and create a small business on merchandise development for bigger companies. Then start creating the main product or focus for the production of my company and start looking into the public necessities and wants. #engineering #engineer #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering

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Giancarlo C. Apr 07, 2015 1018 views

What classes do I have to take to become an Engineer? =)

I'm asking this question so i can be a successful Engineer and have my own shop for cars and own cars I have built like classic cars. #engineering #automobile #high-performance-cars #car-design #classic-cars...