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Racheal L. Jul 21 218 views

How do I prepare myself for the job searching world after college while in college?

From what I understand, job searching is hard, time consuming, and takes a lot of emotional patience. Finding a job, applying to the job, waiting for an interview, having the interview, waiting for a response, getting the response, (if accepted) waiting till you start, (if rejected) restarting...

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Racheal L. Jul 21 273 views

How do I know I have found the right career?

When I ask people how they knew that their current career was the right one for them they usually answer with "you just know" or "I'm happy" or "it just feel right". In a general sense I understand that but since I have not experienced it I am questioning if the vagueness of *just knowing*....

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Racheal L. Jul 21 201 views

How do I find the right career to aspire to?

Hello, I'm currently a Communication major, minoring in psychology. I don't know what what my career goal is at the moment. I'm really open with the options people have recommended for me but I don't know what would be the right fit for me. I can see myself in in many different job positions so...

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