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Melvyn A.’s Avatar
Melvyn A. Jun 22, 2018 257 views

Do architects in San Diego have to design future houses using fire-resistant strategies because of recent wildfires?

I'm working on a project about being an architect in San Diego and was wondering if all of the future designs of houses need to include fire-resistant strategies in order to be built? Thank you so much for helping me with this question. #architectural-design #architecture #california...


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sam S. Jul 19 144 views

How much student debt is good debt?

I have to take federal unsubsidized loans. #finance...


Brenda  B.’s Avatar
Brenda B. Oct 22, 2016 379 views

What can I do in high school to help prepare myself for earning a degree in medicine?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I've always loved studying biology and anything that had to do with science. I joined clubs at school like Young Leaders in Healthcare and Rady's Children Hospital Club. I'm planning on taking AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP physics, but I want to do more. Are there...

#volunteering #science #biology #medicine #internships

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Diana D. May 18, 2016 629 views
Racheal L.’s Avatar
Racheal L. Jul 21 172 views

How do I prepare myself for the job searching world after college while in college?

From what I understand, job searching is hard, time consuming, and takes a lot of emotional patience. Finding a job, applying to the job, waiting for an interview, having the interview, waiting for a response, getting the response, (if accepted) waiting till you start, (if rejected) restarting...

#july20 #job-search #job #first-job #career-paths #jobs #career-counseling

Joy B.’s Avatar
Joy B. Jan 16, 2018 285 views

Does anyone have insight into the TEAS exam?

I'm required to take the TEAS exam to get into nursing school in CA. I'd love to know a bit more about the test from someone who has taken it! #teas #exam #nursing #healthcare...


Jens B.’s Avatar
Jens B. Jan 17, 2018 387 views

I am transgender, are there in colleges that favor that for admissions and scholarships?

I feel that there may be some colleges interested in diversifying their student body with transgender students. Some schools indicate they are LGBTQA friendly schools, but I don't know if there are certain school trying to recruit students like myself. I'm looking for the right fit. I just...

#lgbtqa #college-admissions #lgbt #college

Luis A.’s Avatar
Luis A. May 14, 2016 545 views

How did you find a job once you graduated college?

I'm planning on having my major be in business or law and I question myself how I am planning on starting my career. Do most people need to have a connection to start working or do they find the job themselves? Although I am only a freshman I still focus on what I'm planning to do with my...


Esther L.’s Avatar
Esther L. Aug 15, 2018 193 views

How would you go about asking for a pay raise based on your work experience, level of education, and skill set without risking your career?

although i have yet to be professionally hired, was wondering where I should drop the line to ask for a salary I feel is best fit in compensation for my line of work without coming off as arrogant, cocky, or prideful. When and how did you handle asking for more than your usual earning? #salary...

#wages #askingformore

Laith B.’s Avatar
Laith B. Jan 17, 2018 317 views

Does Bioinformatics cover more computer science than genetics.

I have a passion for both computer programming and genetics and I am not sure if I should major in one or the other. Does Bioinformatics concentrate more on Computer programming than on genetics? #bioinformatics #computer-science #genetics...


sam S.’s Avatar
sam S. Jul 19 300 views
Jennifer S.’s Avatar
Jennifer S. Jul 04 86 views

Which specialty of nursing did you choose, how did you prepare for it and why did you choose it?

Hello everyone! I'm a first-generation college student and CNA here in San Diego. I'm pursuing a nursing career and am convinced that I will be specializing in a branch of nursing (masters) in the future. Currently, I'm in the process of receiving a general degree in math and science this fall!...

#nurse #healthcare #college #nurses #nursing #medicine

Leticia S.’s Avatar
Leticia S. May 17, 2016 486 views

What type of coding should I know and level of math to be a sofftware engineer?

I know how to code but I mostly know HTML so I am not sure what types of coding must I know well. I am also not that great at math but I want to know to what level of math is required. I will be graduating in June so I want to have an idea of what I want to do. #engineering #software #math...


Esther L.’s Avatar
Esther L. Jul 20 103 views

How influential is your dissertation or degree emphasis on your career employment?

I am about to start a doctoral program in clinical psychology. Everyone is telling me that an emphasis and dissertation focus on military veterans, can lead to a better practicum and internship placement with the VA, which apparently is on the higher earning spectrum in terms of clinical...

#dissertation #psychology #clinicalpsychology #doctorate #employmet #july20 #degree #career #doctoral

Cheyenne W.’s Avatar
Cheyenne W. Apr 21, 2018 286 views

What are other ways to get experience in nursing for a H.S. student other than volunteering at a hospital?

I am a high school junior interested in the nursing career and I want the most interesting application when applying to colleges. #volunteer #nurse #nursing #hospital-and-healthcare...


Trevor C.’s Avatar
Trevor C. Jan 16, 2018 552 views

Why don’t colleges support extreme sports?

The skateboarding and surfing industry is expanding endlessly, and almost all colleges continue to support team sports, while starting a Surf team is difficult at most universities. Skateboarding and surfing will be in the olympics soon as well. #sports #skateboarding #surfing #athletics...

#college-recruiting #college-athletics #recruitment

Melissa  M.’s Avatar
Melissa M. May 23, 2016 509 views

Is the effort you put into your work worth it at the end of the day? Why?

I'm asking because Ive always wondered if the workers behind the digital computer screen enjoy their job for a specific purpose....


Racheal L.’s Avatar
Racheal L. Jul 21 224 views

How do I know I have found the right career?

When I ask people how they knew that their current career was the right one for them they usually answer with "you just know" or "I'm happy" or "it just feel right". In a general sense I understand that but since I have not experienced it I am questioning if the vagueness of *just knowing*....

#july20 #career-development #career-paths #job #career-finding #career-counseling

Alexis H.’s Avatar
Alexis H. Aug 29, 2018 215 views

What does it look like to effectively manage your time in college?

Often times, you hear about young college students having trouble managing their time. Considering that most students want to be well-balanced both academically and socially, what are some suggestions that can help me achieve this? #college #student...


Esther L.’s Avatar
Esther L. Jul 20 116 views

What made you start your own private practice, and how did you go about it?

I am an aspiring clinical psychologist and have been doing research on private practice. I've read on how it gives you more freedom in setting your own hours, more control of your clients, and more independence as a business. I've also read on how it requires alot of your own resources,...

#experience #psychology #therapist #clinicalpsychology #entrepreneur #career #psychologists #clients #therapy #july20 #clinicalpsychologists #startup #startupbusiness #privatepractice #business

Hans R.’s Avatar
Hans R. May 28, 2016 554 views

Can the goverment help me pay my career if I cant afford to pay it because my father passed away some months ago?

I want to study a major in Political Science, but my father passed away some months ago which was debastating for my family's economy. My mother's job is not well payed and I also have two younger brothers. I am a US Citizen, and so are my brothers, but my mom isn't and my dad wasn't one. I am...

#government #us-government #law

Racheal L.’s Avatar
Racheal L. Jul 21 162 views

How do I find the right career to aspire to?

Hello, I'm currently a Communication major, minoring in psychology. I don't know what what my career goal is at the moment. I'm really open with the options people have recommended for me but I don't know what would be the right fit for me. I can see myself in in many different job positions so...

#jobs #july20 #career-counseling #career-paths

Lily C.’s Avatar
Lily C. Apr 05, 2019 212 views

What is a day in the life of a neonatal surgeon like?

Hello! I was just wondering what the hours are like roughly and how flexible the schedule is. Also do you believe it’s possible to still have time for a family when pursuing such a demanding career. What would you say the best thing about the job is? Thank you for your time #medicine...

#doctor #neonatal #medical-education

Esther L.’s Avatar
Esther L. Jul 20 68 views

What is one lie that you wish to dismiss about graduate school and the grad student experience?

I recently earned my bachelor's and will be starting a doctoral program in August. I've been hearing rumors left and right about grad school in general. They range from dissertations being a mandatory 200 pages, how you have to say goodbye to your social life, how grad students have the same...

#college #gradschool #gradstudentrumrs #collegerumors #gradstudent #school #gradlies #schoolrumors #gradschoolrumors #july20 #grad #lies #gradlife

Reginald T.’s Avatar
Reginald T. Jan 17, 2018 363 views

Can the life of an occupational Therapist, be as daunting as an OB/GYN?

I wanted compare and contrast actual happiness and satisfaction, to a rewarding profession that pays well, but has many different stressors. #medicine #women #gynecology #career #hospital...


Natalie K.’s Avatar
Natalie K. May 19, 2016 852 views

What are the best undergraduate degrees to get into law school?

I am pursuing and undergraduate degree and want to know which degrees are best if I want to get into law school. #professor #law...


Misael Z.’s Avatar
Misael Z. Mar 14, 2018 277 views

Should I study a double major in Music Performance and Business Administration?

I want to become a Property Manager but also I have been playing the clarinet for 9 years and I have filled a decent musical curriculum like playing with numerous ensembles, professional orchestras, youth advanced-orchestras, attending to summer camps to tutor and participate, etc. My main...

#double-major #music #clarinet #bussiness #music-performance #property-management

Trinity M.’s Avatar
Trinity M. Jan 30 129 views

Biomedical engineering or chemical engineering

I am a junior and im not sure if I want to do biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. What different jobs can I get straight go of college with each of these degrees? My goal is to work out of college then pursue my law degree and become a patent lawyer in the field I was previously an...

#engineering #engineer #chemical-engineering

Diana D.’s Avatar
Diana D. May 18, 2016 433 views

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