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Alacia M.

Charlotte, NC
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I want to pursue a career in genetics helping the public with pre-natal care and researching inherited diseases.



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Alacia M. Feb 09 197 views

What is the best undergrad major for genetic counseling?

I'm currently looking at majors for an undergraduate degree before a possible master's in genetic counseling. Should undergrad students look at the related majors such as biology or straight genetics, or could students do a major in another area and still meet the pre-requisites for the...

career genetic majors double-major

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Alacia M. Feb 08 266 views

Genetic Counseling

I'm a high school junior and currently interested in health, more specifically genetics. I've looked at genetic counseling and completing the AP science courses available at my school. What can I do to improve my portfolio and what would my pathway be to become a genetic counselor? school...

medicine genetics careers health