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Beed, Maharashtra, India
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Shashi Apr 10, 2021 495 views

Myself Shashi, I'm a post graduated Electrical Engineer. I am recently attracted to "Automobile Detailing Studio" type of business, it relates to my passion and this is a thing that excites me a lot, should I go for it to see it as my main career path? If yes, then what would be the strategy through which I should go?

#career-paths #career-choice #automobile-industry #detailing-studio #electrical-engineer #plan

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Shashi Sep 17, 2020 849 views

I am an Electrical Engineer, but I was interested in cars and businesses. My professional life and my passions both are different so what should I choose? My professional life or my passion!

I am post graduated student from Electrical Engineering string. #counseling #motivation #career_counseling #path #engineering