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rea R. Jul 15, 2017 701 views

Whatis the scope of mechanical engineer v/s doctor ?choice

because I have to decide whether i must do mbbs/ btech. I really reure a quick answer .#technology#medicine #career-details

A R.’s Avatar
A R. Jul 19, 2020 448 views

I want robotics as my future, help me out.

#robotics #cybernetics #mathematics #physics #computer
I'm still class 11 and I want to become a robotics

sumit R.’s Avatar
sumit R. May 03, 2016 894 views

How do I join the army?

My name is Sumit in 9th class. My aim is to become commando in the army because I would love to serve my nation, but i haven't received any guidance how on to achieve my aim of life. #college #military