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omar Oct 29, 2020 198 views

How to get into Real Estate?

I have always been intrigued when the topic of Real Estate comes up because it sounds interesting and I know a lot of people make good money off it. What do I need to learn now to get me into that field when am out of high school. #business

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omar Oct 29, 2020 323 views

How to I become a computer IT Technician?

With the advancement of technology and computers the need for IT's has risen greatly and I was wondering what tools I need to study to become an IT. Is there anything I can do in high school to prepare for this job? #computers #IT #technician

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omar Oct 29, 2020 280 views

How much does a top of the line mechanic make?

I have always been interested in mechanical engineering and wanted to know what are the basic tools and knowledge I need to get into this field work when am older. What can I do now to prepare to be a mechanic? #engineer #mechanic