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Military Specific Occupations
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mathew Oct 01, 2020 1443 views

What is the highest paying job I can get in the US air force that does not require a collage degree.

I am planning on completing JROTC, graduating high school, and joining the us air force, however, I do not want to go through collage. #military #air-force

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madison Nov 13, 2020 660 views

when joining the military what are the obstacles you have to go through?


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Lilly Dec 03, 2020 1861 views

Do you regret choosing to enlist in the military

I am an intelligent individual with the ability to get into many prestigious universities, but recently I have been wanting to enlist in the military. I want to enlist in the navy, and hopefully become a navy SEAL. I do realize that it is a long shot, especially considering I am a female and...