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San Francisco, California
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After finishing my education I know I want to enter a job in the STEM field but I am still exploring my options.

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Emilymae Nov 05, 2022 340 views

What was the biggest change going from education to work?

I'm curious to know if when you made the transition between the two was the change big. I especially want to know if you felt like the education you received properly prepared you for the change and if so, what about your education do you think prepared you the most for work.

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Emilymae Nov 05, 2022 341 views

How did you know that you found the right job for you?

At times I feel like there are so many different types of jobs one can pursue, so many that it becomes overwhelming to me.

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Emilymae Mar 12, 2021 485 views

Do you usually use google to answer their coding problems since websites like Stackoverflow exist where you can usually find any coding solution/templates?

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