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Abner O. Mar 17, 2015 920 views

To whomever it may apply to, how did you know what career path of psychology to pursue?

I am a senior in high school right now and I am searching some potential career opportunities for after a I graduate college. However, although I do have time to decide what to do with my life, I fear that I will not know what will interest me the best when deciding what direction of psychology...

#undeclared #careers #psychology

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lydia S. Mar 18 95 views
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Taryn H. Apr 08 86 views

What is a good starting position for someone interested in cooking?

I have been in cooking club and cooking class so I have some knowledge of cooking and it sparked a interest in maybe having a cooking job. But as someone whom is uncomfortable with the idea of college. I don’t know a job that is a good starting point for a cooking career #career #cooking...