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Sarah R.’s Avatar
Sarah R. May 23, 2016 749 views

Will it be beneficial to me to take an accounting course in college if I plan to study pre-law?

My grandfather is an attorney, and i remember him suggesting this. I do not understand why that might benefit me. #law #pre-law

Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Apr 25, 2021 281 views

How did you decided what type of law you wanted to practice?

I've been thinking a lot about what type of law I want to practice when I'm older, and it's been really hard for me to choose one (or even my top 5) type of law. It just feels like there are so many types of law I could do, and I have no clue how lawyers figure out which type they like the...

Alondra A.’s Avatar
Alondra A. Apr 19, 2021 814 views

What should be my first step to choosing the best career path for myself?

I am currently a junior and I have no idea what career path to go for in the future. #career