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Casey Robicheau

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Palmyra, New Jersey
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Saundra’s Avatar
Saundra Dec 08, 2020 1872 views

What is the best racing school to attend in order to be a NASCAR driver?

I like NASCAR. One of my many dreams is to be a NASCAR driver.

#NASCAR #Racing

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Mar 12, 2018 777 views

What is life like at NC State University?

I am interested in NC State University, and will be taking a tour this spring with my class. I am wondering what the experience is like there. #University #college

Kailyn’s Avatar
Kailyn Aug 12, 2018 873 views

What are some notable companies that employ industrial engineers?

#employer #hiring #employment

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Oct 22, 2016 1197 views

What kind of jobs does an industrial engineer do?

I am interested in studying engineering and I have been told that with the skills I have that industrial engineering is the best path in engineering for me. #industrial-engineering

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jun 29, 2021 475 views

What should i do if i cant decide between careers?

#career-choice #college