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Millie Jul 19, 2014 2709 views

What are the hours like in industrial design vs. web design in tech?

I'm in high school right now and I love design. I want to work for a big company where I can learn more about design at the start. I am ready to work really hard, but I also want to know what to expect so I can try to decide what my future will be like. What are the hours like for industrial...

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Millie Feb 12, 2014 2091 views

How do I get started in design?

Design is a career field I may want to try out. I'm still in 8th grade, so I can't get a part time job yet. How can I get started in design, on my weekends? I like to read design blogs, and I capture things I like on Pinterest. Are there any really good starter books I can read or sites I can...

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Millie Oct 17, 2013 3326 views

What is a job in industrial design like?

Hi, I'm in 8th grade and I am curious to hear from industrial designers. I heard that industrial designers design all of the things that we use in homes and schools. But what is a job in industrial design actually like? Are you like an artist? I want to imagine if I would like the job or not....