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Columbia Station, Ohio
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I would like to get my doctorates degree in psychology and work inside a prison and speak to people who have plead insanity on trials.

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Jolee Oct 20, 2021 736 views

What may be some benefits of becoming a forensic psychologist?

I'm trying to decide if this will be a good job for me and I would like a base idea of what I'm getting into. #psychology #forensic

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Jolee Oct 19, 2021 520 views

What are some pro's and con's with being a psychologist?

Just a little worried about the negatives #clinical-psychology #psychology #college-major

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Jolee Oct 19, 2021 398 views

What other benefits come with an advancement being a psychologist?

I am looking into getting a higher up degree in psychology. #psychiatry #psychologist #psychology

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Jolee Oct 19, 2021 1762 views

What was the hardest class you have had to take while studying psych?

#psychology #classes #college-major